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Our Mission

Therapy Dog International is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered as a mental healthcare provider and part of the TheraPetic network to provide mental health services and support individuals with Service / Support Animals (ESA) for everyday living and traveling with peace of mind by providing instant documentation and ESA registration.

Our Story

Our Success

  • Dedicated to providing clinical letters and saving pets from no-kill shelters
  • Guaranteed satisfaction to all donors and clients for their generous support
  • Only compliant mental healthcare network to meet all federally required cyber securities for therapy dogs, service / emotional support animals
  • Largest advocacy and resource network to give back to the dog community by promoting no-kill shelters through sponsorship and support

Many of Our Clients and Donors


Support Current Military and Veterans

Gratitude for Service to Our Country


Single & Divorced

Critical Companionship Offered by a Therapy Dog


Travelers & College Students

Minimize Stress and Anxiety